Sun 13/02/11

Find the rules below in these suwar: Al Kaafiroon, An Nasr, Al Masad, Al Ikhlaas, Al Falaq and An Naas (pages 603 and 604 in your Qur’aan).

Rules of Noon as Saakinah and Tanween

Rules of Meem as Saakinah

Heavy letters: ص ض خ غ ط ظ ق رَ رُ and the ل in the divine name الله (when the divine name الله  has a fathah or dhammah before it then the letter ل  in the divine name الله  is read heavy)




I’ll start you off!

Suratul Kaafiroon

A1) ق  madd  رُ

A2) madd